CAPSLOCK is a group of students from Yeshivat Derech Chaim who what to know how to code. We orgenize hackathons and other social events for the students to open the doors for them to the development world.

We started this community when we noticed the gap between what the students learn in college, and what they face at work afterward - the number just didn't make seance. We knew it was time to step in and give the student a more realistic and practical view of coding and development. This is why we measure our success by the number of students we empower. At CAPSLOCK we believe everyone should have the full developer experience, not only theoretical college learning.

What does CAPSLOCK provide?

In one word, community.

It comes in a verity of forms, hackathons, development workshops, and super-active chat groups. The consistent "dev-talks" give the students the courage to continue and develop things on their own, the curiosity to learn new technologies, and the most important - the support when they really need it.

Who is behind CAPSLOCK?

CAPSLOCK was started by two Derech Chaim students, Zvi Karp and Shovael Stoller, who since have graduated but still active in the community. We are in the process of transferring the leadership to new students at Derech Chaim. The community is also backed by the administration of Derech Chaim.

How can I help?

If you are a student of Derech Chaim, there is not much you need to do, just keep your eyes open for any hidden clues about an upcoming hackathon around the campus ;)

We are also on the look for sponsors, so if you think you can help us that, please be in contact.